First Post

My first camera had a door in the back to insert the film. It had a strip of flash bulbs that clipped to the top. Since there were only about five flash bulbs in it, I had to be very careful when taking photos inside. I got about twelve to twenty-four exposures on a roll and had no idea what the pictures looked like until I picked them up from the photo lab. I loved unicorns. I had feathered hair. Reagan was president.

Today, I shoot with a Canon Rebel EOS digital camera and almost never take less than two-hundred shots in a session. I have used Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and iPhoto to enhance my images. I have also worked with iMovie. I like exploring depth of field and lighting and learning what my camera can do but the real pleasure, for me, comes when I capture a genuine moment of interaction between my subject and its environment.  I am fascinated by the myriad ways people reveal themselves in front of a camera. I seek out whimsy and am especially intrigued by beauty in the ostensibly mundane.

I am inspired by nature, my husband and children, and people who let me in. I still love unicorns.


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