I Brought the Strobe

I tested my built-in flash and strobe at some shows recently.

I experimented with shutter speed and got some neat effects with stage lighting and motion.

Thank God at New Brooklyn Tavern

I used direct flash at The Ladies of Country Music Show. This was mostly because I was having technical issues, fumbling around with my strobe cable in the semi-dark. Even blurry, some shots got a nice mood from the existing lighting and the smallest shutter speed I could manage.

Lauren singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” at 0.3

I blinded Stan with a direct flash inches from his eyeballs. Usually this kind of thing really messes up a photo but I think it works here, probably because the stage lights give the woman in the background her own story. She is onstage and he is in the wings, smiling for the camera. Two separate worlds, two entirely different atmospheres.  Related but apart. It really worked with the depth of field, too.

I imagine he is an embezzling stage-husband who pushes his wife to the edges of her sanity. She abuses prescription drugs. He cheats. They both drink a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon. This is her swan song….after rehab…and couple’s counseling.

Stan by your man, shutter at 1/5 and aperture at f/40


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