Bad Photobomb/ Good Photobomb

It’s difficult to notice every detail when you are taking a photograph. There are just so many things you are concerned about with the camera alone. Shooting in big groups is the toughest. So, it’s a perfect opportunity for the photobomber.

BAD BOMB (i.e., the unintentional bomber)
There are just so many things going right with this picture! The foreground and the background are layering the story and they are all pointing you right into the action of the little girls watching the magic trick in the center. The bunny is adorable. The lighting is great. But wait, someone in a white shirt wants that shot, too! You can’t even crop out this bomb, it throws off the composition.

GOOD BOMB (i.e., the funny bomber)
This picture wasn’t working, anyway. I would have trashed it entirely if it wasn’t for this guy. He actually got my attention first and then said something like, “Get this!” A respectful bomber even. I’ll tell you a secret: If you want to be in my picture, you will be. Extroverts are awesome models! Also, I came of age listening to heavy metal. I can’t resist “devil-hands.” Basically, a good bomber just needs to be way more entertaining than the actual shot. So if you’re going to do it, be funny!


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