Photographing Baseball

I went to the USC baseball game against Southern Illinois on Sunday. It was a warm breezy afternoon. A beautiful day for a first-timer to cut her teeth on sports photography. I’m not even kidding. I have never been to a college game in my life.

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A photographer for The State newspaper was there with a gigantic lens on a monopod. I asked his advice. He looked at my little Canon with its kit lens that stretches to a peewee 55 millimeters and said, “Get really close.”

I followed his advice. I stood next to the dugout most of the game. Since I couldn’t get the action too well, I focused on the players. I left with a sunburn and some pretty decent shots. I learned a LOT about photographing sports. I’ll be better prepared next time. It was much more fun than I expected.

My friend drove me home and even though I knew he would laugh at me I asked, “We won, right?”

Since I no longer call their uniforms costumes he happily looked at me and smiled: “Yes!”


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