Lenticular Poodle

Last weekend, I visited my Grandmother (Nanny). I was there to take some portrait shots with her doll collection.

I am not exaggerating when I say that she has an entire room of dolls. They have beds and chairs. One of them has her own salon chair and hairdryer and stuff. The doll room is pretty small. Nanny keeps the windows closed because the light can destroy the doll’s clothing. Even open, they don’t let in much light.

Problem lighting? Yes! I had a strobe but it was casting crazy shadows. I was also trying to shoot black and white film, which would have been amazing. However, my film camera is a Nikon so my Canon strobe didn’t fit it. I was firing the pilot and trying to capture the image at the same time. It didn’t work.

The digital shots were not good. Once I finally started to get the hang of if, the woman was worn out. She didn’t realize what she had signed up for. “Smile with your eyes, Nanny. Be fierce!”

I will definitely go back, there is an awesome picture in that doll room just waiting for me to find it! The greatest treasure of the day came from the corner of the room. A lopsided, lenticular print of a poodle which was hiding behind a stack of porcelain faces. The poodle looks like she’s barking when you walk past.

When she saw my eyes light up, Nanny took it down and gave it to me!

“I don’t even think you can find these anymore,” I squealed. I was like a kid at Christmas.

She also has one of The Last Supper which has emotional attachment for her. I’ll try to work that one into the will.

We’ve all encountered these images on postcard of puppies or prints like the one I snagged or the sticker on the Prince album with the frisky twins name Diamond and Pearl. Right? As a small-time collector of curious kitsch, I’ve always noticed these gems. But, it wasn’t until I saw the humongous Jimi Hendrix lenticular print at the Who Shot Rock and Roll exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art that I was seized by the sudden and irrational ambition that I must make one of these.

So, now I just have to figure out how.


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