Discovering Columbia

Freelancing for our local parent’s magazine, Palmetto Parent, has been such a great opportunity for me. I’m in print and I’m getting amazing on-the-job experience. I get to meet and photograph all different kinds of people.

I’m really getting to know my city, too.  After living here for a year shy of a full score (that’s twenty, folks), I am shocked at how diverse the landscape is. I have travelled to suburban culs-de-sac, brick-walled urban schools, lakeside apartments, and country farmhouses surrounded by open land and homemade fences all within a half hour’s drive.

My favorite spot so far, in downtown Columbia’s Central Business District, is a certain floor of the Keenan Building. The Keenan Building was only significant to me before, albeit completely unidentified until my assignment, as the source of the mysterious broadcast of Cocky’s crow (and the Gamecock pregame song) every fall during football season.

The entryway is old deco-ish marble.  I was happy to escape a rather spooky elevator lined with curtains and emerge into a hallway of well-worn carpet bordered with white wooden office doors. I imagined their distinguishing numbers of gold-trimmed black carefully rendered onto the frosted rectangles of opaque glass by a mug in a flat-cap and suspenders.  I was missing my birdcage veil and desperate to fling myself into the shadowy office of a hardboiled Sam Spade or an adorably confused Jason Schwartzman.  Totally filing away this location as a “must shoot” spot in the city!

The shoots take a fraction of the time I spend driving to the locations and so my car has become my “office” as well as a comfy phone booth where I catch up with friends and family that never get a shout because I’m always at home with two toddlers.  For readers without kids, turn on your blender, your stereo and an episode of “Jersey Shore” while you try to prepare a plate of crackers and cheese. Now, call your mom.  Kinda like that.

This particular assignment really inspired me to shoot a little more creatively since it was about music, something I am passionate about and something that’s just fun to take pictures of.  It must have showed because my editor was very happy with my work and the feature offers have continued. 🙂

Peep my work, starting on page 8 !


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