I always get a little melancholy after Christmas.

I earnestly hope that there is a heaven and that it is the North Pole (or Hogwarts Castle but that’s another post…)

A month of magic and jingle bells snatched away and replaced with…, January. Just doesn’t seem fair.

We tell our oldest, who is not exempt from the holiday fervor (it must be in our DNA), that now she has hundreds of days to wait for Christmas and the anticipation is the best part, but we’re not buying it either.

The premature retail displays of half-hearted rows of pink and red valentines are a feeble replacement for the ebbing bombast, dwarfed even by the aisles filled with Christmas clearance.  Snow globes, nutcrackers, and the ugly wrapping paper that no one wanted to buy.

Those darling mitten-shaped sugar cookies have shifted from tasty treats to thigh fat. Our Christmas tree awaits the chipper on the curb, stripped of its yuletide chic.  Just about the only thing that hasn’t lost it’s dazzle with the adornment of the holiday removed?

The opened present.

*Before I act all materialistic, please let me state for the record that I believe the preeminent spirit of the holiday is embodied in efforts toward charity, messages of peace, and time spent with family. That is the true transformational gift of the holiday. I mean it.*

Now let me tell you about my Canon EFS 55-250mm zoom lens.  This isn’t a review. I have zoom power now. I am too amazed to be critical. Would Superman roast a s’more with his eye-laser and then mutter something about how it could have been meltier!?  I just want to share my inaugural photos and prepare you for my obsession of 2012. Shooting stuff from really far away!!!


Here is a pic of G-daddy taken with my new zoom, right out of the box on Christmas day. I am still in my pj’s.



I looooooove this narrower depth of field. It satisfies my mind like a good cry or a doughnut.

We had an awesome day at Riverbanks Zoo where I got to test out all 250 millimeters.


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