Awesome artist, Gwon Osang, makes 3D sculptures from photographs

I always admire a good, simple idea that is executed meticulously.

So, I was delighted when I saw the work of Gwon Osang.

Osang is a photographer and sculptor who shoots every possible view of his model close up and then applies the photos to a styrofoam sculpture. It’s hard to imagine being able to find such patience. It takes hours.

But then I am reminded of how a good session can transport me into a creative zen. That, and watching my skill evolve, is what keeps me shooting.

It can sometimes be like an addiction. Ask my husband about the time I overdrafted our account to get a roll of Holga film from Ritz Camera…

Osang’s dedication produces a patchwork of color and pattern that forms a photo mosaic of the original person. Seeing them as I did, on internet thumbnails, I was instantly interested by what looked like a woman, on all fours, composed of fat pixel chunks. So, it worked on that level.

I was way more impressed to find out that I was looking at a 3-dimensional rendering constructed from pieced together photos.

I bet it’s even more fun to view in person.

I like Osang’s playfulness.

Osang Gwon, Blue Ray, 2009, Courtesy Arario New York

Osang Gwon, Blue Ray, 2009, Courtesy Arario New York

Osang’s work is evocative of Chuck Close’s photorealistic portraits, although he uses photographs exclusively (no paint or print). It brings frolic to the form…,like a fresh, funky, high-art decoupage.

Interview with the artist…

Nice piece from Aesthetica magazine…


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