Why I Love Holga

I think I feel for film photography what my husband feels about his vinyl collection. Some call it soul.

I am connected to the art in an entirely different way than my digital work. As a result of that connection, I shoot in a much more personal way. I think about what I love, what I want to expose.  The process of making art overcomes my inner critic.

Holga totally takes it to another level. There is no way to really predict the outcome.

It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It’s exciting.  And, it doesn’t work without accidents. I feel like an equal collaborator with the light and the moment and the subject.

It’s downright transcendental. Lofty, eh? Especially for a heap of beat up looking prints.

Surrendering myself to fate binds me to the experience. Hey, bungee jumpers, maybe you’re not just a bunch of drongo thrill-seekers!

Finding something you love after developing is like filling out all five letters on your Bingo card.


Double-exposures and light leaks are part of the fun.

I took these shots of my favorite storefront on State Street: Clark’s Beauty Shop.

I remember when it used to be so pretty, covered in peach-pink tiles. I used to think, “If I ever own a business, I want it to be a shop that looks like that…” Over the years, I have seen it deteriorate.  It started with some chipped tile and spread to full-blown vandalism.  I keep hoping someone will save it.

I am trying to preserve what I can, with my photographs.


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