My Day in Pictures

I am a light junkie. Sunlight. Studio light. Neon light. Direct and indirect light. The light in your eyes.

Light, of course, is essential to photography. I seek it out in the sun flares and the overexposed subject. The golden orb sending radiant rays down upon shoulders. Gaudy illumination. A soft flattering caress to win over the person who tells me, “I never look good in pictures.” When I see a golden sunset strike the face of a friend and I don’t have my camera, I am totally pissed off. I get twitchy.

I sometimes feel so addicted, that I have to remind myself there are other ways to emphasize my subject. The eye can be drawn with techniques like leading lines…

(...for example...)

…and framing and dominance and the rule-of-thirds. I often feel textbook-y when I isolate techniques. My truer goal is to have these elements incorporated into my bag of tricks so that my work doesn’t lack variety. I am drawn to work which controls the eye with more sophistication or that draws me into the composition awkwardly and off-kilter. I’ll stop digressing.

Point is, I’ll never earn my own style unless I keep experimenting and keep having fun.

That is the reason for my phone “Day in Pictures” posts. So, here is another one of those days.

I was helping move family. It was a monumentous day. I got to see dreams come true.



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