Mission San Francisco de Asis

I am going to be posting a series of photos taken in California in December. I am starting with images from a morning spent touring Mission San Francisco de Asis, popularly called Mission Dolores.


club flyers

We toured it on our first morning in the city. It is conveniently located right down the street from the place where we were enjoying our morning coffee: Maxfield’s House of Caffeine.

Some of the cars parked on Dolores Street had flyers on them. My friend told me it was illegal. I was happy for the welcoming gesture, San Francisco.

“2013: The Year of the Papi,” the flyer slickly predicted. I was footsteps away from a very historic religious building in one of the funkiest neighborhoods in America. This convergence of culture is not insignificant to the very thing that makes San Francisco magical and it was a thrilling match for my esthetic!

I have been fascinated by religious architecture for as long as I can remember and have been taken with the Mexican/ Spanish style since discovering this book many years ago.

It is a style rich in drama and color.

The buildings of the mission were steeped in light from stained glass, high arched windows and doorways, and mosaic tile.

A creature of comfort, I easily derive fulfillment from the things happening right inside my house every day. An act of great motivation is sometimes needed to banish my shabby yoga pants and compel me on an adventure. Frequent-flyer-miles inspired this recent journey to northern California after sixteen years away from the state where I came of age.

Travel is an extraordinary tutor. The risks you take are your lessons. You have to leave your comfort zone to see what you are made of. Carpe Diem, dude. Encountering the strange is the key to learning about yourself.

I discovered little nooks in San Francisco where I felt at home as well as a probable fear of heights on “one of the most scenic highways in the nation.” Old bonds were tested; some proved frail and others pure. A new batch of people were surprised by my obsession for photographing everything. I surprised myself when I discovered just how profound my passion for my family is.

“You need to do this for yourself,” my husband kept advising, even though I had to travel the bay area at breakneck speed to keep myself from thinking about how much I missed my kids. I spent nearly all of my pocket money buying them souvenirs in Chinatown.

Would you believe I have never filled the memory card on my camera before? I am pretty expedient about importing photos. Image 1,000 was captured as we approached a toll bridge, ten minutes away from San Francisco International Airport on our return to South Carolina.

I will continue to post the photos I took on the trip so I hope you are looking forward to seeing what me and my Canon saw of Chinatown, Pier 39, Stinson Beach, and all kinds of other touristy goodness.


3 thoughts on “Mission San Francisco de Asis

  1. Nice pictures, Karla! I believe it’s Mission Dolores (not Delores) and the street was named after the Mission, not the other way around. Mission Dolores was named after a nearby creek. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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