Stacey and Jenny


I was flattered to be asked to document the sweet friendship between two bohemian Americans who met in India while studying Ayurveda. Not many people can cause me to feel boring. This reunited duo had my inner goddess all revved up and ready to ride elephants!



I love the junior photobomber. I would have cropped her out if she didn’t make me giggle every time I saw her. tee hee hee!


It was an Indian celebration. Some wore Saris. Some came in their salwar kameez. And there were other interpretations…


Stacey O knows how to be herself.


I enjoyed this shoot so much because it was fluid and fun, just like her.

Giddy from the spirit of friendship and feminine bonding and juice boxes and desserts, these little girls at the party bring to mind a favorite quote……while they remind me how easily new friendships are begun.

“Little girls are cute and small only to adults. To one another they are not cute. They are life sized.” -Margaret Atwood


In this moment of little-girlness I am reminded of the work of one of my favorite photographers, Lauren Greenfield (with none of the gravity; with innocence intact.) Her book, “Girl Culture” has been a continual source of inspiration. Here, an emblem of adolescence and American pop culture pouts from the bedroom wall, wholesome as white bread. The missing teeth and the silver mirror remind me how special this time is in a girl’s life and how rapidly it changes. Another tug on my heartstrings because one of those little women belongs to me.




Namaste, y’all!


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