Living Room Sessions – August

I have always fantasized about taking empowering photos of women.

So many messages in our culture tell us that we aren’t enough or that we need to be fixed.  The mass media (i.e., television, magazines, billboards, movies, websites, blogs, etc.) is one of the most highly influential of the Agents of Socialization and the mass media has a purpose.

Reinforcing our positive self-image ain’t one of them.

Even if you know this, it is extremely difficult to escape its pressure.  You would have to live in a cultural bubble, wouldn’t you?  The influences you avoid are probably going to reach someone you know.

Sometimes I feel like jumping off the grid into a little vintage airstream trailer with a porch made of repurposed palettes and mason jar lamps and then I realize I have spent two hours on Pinterest and I need to pee.

Let’s keep it all in perspective, ladies and gentlemen.  It is less dangerous if you remember it has power and that it IS INFLUENCING YOU. Right now, as a matter of fact. I hope, anyway…(wink, wink.)

Well, I think photography can do so many great things.  A photograph can document a period in time, it can create social change, and, yes, it can even make you feel like a natural woman.

So, here I am fighting back.  Take that, false beauty standards!  We have killer curves and we aren’t afraid to use them.

The first Living Room Session took place at the stylist’s home with some of our friends.  She did hair, make-up and costuming.  I posed and photographed the models.

Our influences were all over the place.

We ended up with a…


Derby_1_web Mary_3_web






VoodooQueen_1 _web

…and a fierce BOMBSHELL handy-woman!



I created composites mostly because I was working with a wrinkled, tan curtain as backdrop and a carpeted floor.  I am, admittedly, not very skilled with composites and am also working with an old version of Photoshop.

I plan to build up my supply of appropriate gear as the sessions continue.  Until then, I will have to be resourceful…which is cool because fun and experimentation often lead to great things!  I have already considered the possibility of making this more of an event than just a photo-shoot as we move forward.

I am really excited about the possibilities for the future of this new partnership with Stylist Ashley Gunter and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  The outcome of this first session was just so empowering for us and I know we are both inspired from it!

Look for Session Two, coming in September!

*The cross-stitching images came from Sublime Stitching designs.  Her stuff is amazing and I have bought the kits.  They are great!  Other composite materials were taken from free and public art on the internet and then magically altered with Photoshop.  I am not selling these images. 


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