Girls Rock Photography workshop/ workbook

Camp week for Girls Rock Columbia starts Monday, July 21st. Everyone involved is so ready to rock!


I will be a counselor all week. I will also be returning with the Rock Photography workshop and a new partner, Alexis Schwallier. She is bringing her live concert experience to the party. We have created a Prezi and a workbook to supplement the things we will be talking about.

It is a lot easier for girls to imagine themselves doing awesome things when they see other ladies doing awesome things. That’s how role models work. The workbook contains a list of women in music photography. In the presentation, we only used photos by women of women.

We also included instructions for making a pinhole camera, a handy guide for remembering camera settings and a worksheet of questions meant to get the campers thinking about their personalities and the importance of image-awareness before we turn them loose in the Girls Rock Photo Booth!



Alexis’ neat and tidy tips for obtaining press:

press (1)


We are making these things available to you because girls who share are GIRLS WHO ROCK! Hope you enjoy!


Source for pinhole camera instructions:

Source for the really cool chart about shutter speed and motion:


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