The Bridal Designs of Alexis Doktor

If you have ever attended a Columbia City Ballet performance, you are already acquainted with Alexis Doktor’s work. As costume designer for Columbia, South Carolina’s premiere ballet company, she is responsible for every seam and sequin that jetes across the Koger Center stage. Doktor is a woman of many talents with an innate eye forContinue reading “The Bridal Designs of Alexis Doktor”

Empowered Women: Halloween Portraits

  Frida Kahlo Frida turned her personal struggles into art and painted life with an unflinching eye upon herself and an unfailing allegiance to the colors, symbols and indigenous culture of her beautiful Mexico. She was such a bold and unique woman who seemed to embrace life with ardor, even when it was severely unkind to her.Continue reading “Empowered Women: Halloween Portraits”

Living Room Sessions

The Living Room Sessions was an early collaboration with Stylist Ashley Gunter. We were building a body of work and honing our skills using modest resources and shooting in our friends’ homes. I’m still proud of our resourcefulness and creativity. AUGUST This was our first session OCTOBER This shoot was inspired by B-movies. *Cross-stitching imagesContinue reading “Living Room Sessions”