Invisible power: The impact of engineered nanoparticles on the environment and human health

In the spring of 2018, I interviewed three University of South Carolina professors who were being recognized for their scholarly excellence and wrote profile pieces to be featured in print publications and on the University of South Carolina website. Mohammed Baalousha was recognized with a Breakthrough Star award for nanotechnology research Invisible power: The impact of engineeredContinue reading “Invisible power: The impact of engineered nanoparticles on the environment and human health”

A Glimpse of the South: An Interview with Kathleen Robbins

Kathleen Robbins is a photographer and associate professor of art at the University of South Carolina. She grew up in the rural Mississippi Delta and returned, after a period away, to live in the Victorian farmhouse built by her great-great grandparents. Into the Flatland is a collection of images inspired by her exploration of theContinue reading “A Glimpse of the South: An Interview with Kathleen Robbins”

Stacey and Jenny

I was flattered to be asked to document the sweet friendship between two bohemian Americans who met in India while studying Ayurveda. Not many people can cause me to feel boring. This reunited duo had my inner goddess all revved up and ready to ride elephants! It was an Indian celebration. Some wore Saris. Some cameContinue reading “Stacey and Jenny”


We walked in to Photobooth from Valencia Street. It was a simple gallery-type setting. The clean white walls and podiums were covered in photo art and retail. On display were plastic fish-eye cameras, cameras on keychains, refurbished Polaroid Land cameras. It was a candy store and I was the proverbial kid. I wanted to supermarket sweep theContinue reading “Photobooth”

One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy

I have spent so much time in school learning how to use equipment. That was the first really big goal. Getting to know my F-stop, shutter speed, ISO. Manual focus vs. auto. Aperture priority or program mode. Then I was learning about chemicals in the darkroom. What to leave in and for how long variesContinue reading “One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy”

My Day in Pictures

I am a light junkie. Sunlight. Studio light. Neon light. Direct and indirect light. The light in your eyes. Light, of course, is essential to photography. I seek it out in the sun flares and the overexposed subject. The golden orb sending radiant rays down upon shoulders. Gaudy illumination. A soft flattering caress to winContinue reading “My Day in Pictures”

Discovering Columbia

Freelancing for our local parent’s magazine, Palmetto Parent, has been such a great opportunity for me. I’m in print and I’m getting amazing on-the-job experience. I get to meet and photograph all different kinds of people. I’m really getting to know my city, too. I have travelled to suburban culs-de-sac, brick-walled urban schools, lakeside apartmentsContinue reading “Discovering Columbia”

State Museum Garage Sale

Ever think: “Gee, it would be swell if I could find one place to pick-up a Mona Lisa poster, halloween costume, vintage audio equipment, movie theatre seating and marionette of a famous military leader? Need an Austin Powers cut-out for company in your man cave? The South Carolina State Museum has got you covered. TheContinue reading “State Museum Garage Sale”

What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann

I saw a great documentary yesterday about the life and work of an amazing woman. It’s called What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann by Steven Cantor. Sally Mann is a Southern American photographer who specializes in black and white photographs taken with an ancient bellows camera, a big 8×10 box that sheContinue reading “What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann”


I went to Five Points for the Chili Cook-Off in October. I parked at a friend’s house. We were walking down Greene Street, next to MLK park.  Glennie popped right out onto the sidewalk in her cowboy boots and one-shoulder ruffle romper and invited me and my friends to her house next door. We allContinue reading “Glennie”