Empowered Women: Halloween Portraits

  Frida Kahlo Frida turned her personal struggles into art and painted life with an unflinching eye upon herself and an unfailing allegiance to the colors, symbols and indigenous culture of her beautiful Mexico. She was such a bold and unique woman who seemed to embrace life with ardor, even when it was severely unkind to her.Continue reading “Empowered Women: Halloween Portraits”

Refrigerator Box Photo Booth

You can construct your own homemade photo booth with your camera and a big box. Don’t forget the pimp hat because everybody loves a pimp hat. Materials: The Booth 1 cardboard refrigerator box 5 yards of black velvet panne fabric curtain rod fabric ring clips x-acto knife stapler scissors My equipment Canon EOS Rebel XSContinue reading “Refrigerator Box Photo Booth”