A Glimpse of the South: An Interview with Kathleen Robbins

Kathleen Robbins is a photographer and associate professor of art at the University of South Carolina. She grew up in the rural Mississippi Delta and returned, after a period away, to live in the Victorian farmhouse built by her great-great grandparents. Into the Flatland is a collection of images inspired by her exploration of theContinue reading “A Glimpse of the South: An Interview with Kathleen Robbins”

Girls Rock Columbia: Sisterhood is powerful

Girls Rock Columbia launched in the summer of 2013. A mentoring program, GRC uses music as a tool to empower girls and trans* youth through activities that foster self-respect, leadership, creativity and collaboration. As part of the curriculum, I taught a photography workshop for the first two years. In 2015, I served the board of directors asContinue reading “Girls Rock Columbia: Sisterhood is powerful”

Viva Polaroid!

Trying to figure out why Polaroid film is so expensive and hard to find, my husband called Ritz Camera. I don’t know what I was expecting with packs of Polaroid film going for upwards of $45 on amazon. I was shocked when he told me that Polaroid had gone out of business.  In 2008!  ThatContinue reading “Viva Polaroid!”