My Year in Pictures: 2012-2013

I have been going through my work from the past year in preparation for the¬†SCNPA (South Carolina News Photographers Association) Pictures of the Year Contest¬†and enjoying the exercise. Self-critique is important and it is always a good practice to have your recent best ready. My five-year-old artistic director has been helping. Her advice is enormouslyContinue reading “My Year in Pictures: 2012-2013”

I’ll Hush Up My Mug If You Fill Up My Jug

I moved to Columbia from a small town mere minutes from San Francisco. I am a military brat whose family tree is deeply rooted in rural Southern soil. My father grew up in a house at the end of a dirt road where our people lived for so long the street took our family name.Continue reading “I’ll Hush Up My Mug If You Fill Up My Jug”